Using art galleries as innovative spaces for mental health and wellbeing

Art as a Prescription is the BCAG’s new programme which is designed to bring together those with an interest in how art can play an important role in promoting mental health and wellbeing.

How do we promote a common message about art being used as a tool to improve the overall wellbeing and quality of life for people?  It is our belief that “a company that values its employees’ mental health is a company that will improve its productivity, job satisfaction and retain its workforce”.


Through innovations in technologies and science, the arts have evolved as a subtle and unconscious form of therapy.  Whether you are admiring a new car, a new gadget, a new trend in fashion, listening to music or watching a film, art has always given us enjoyment and a sense of happiness. It is this feeling that also releases endorphins, that feel-good factor, throughout our bodies which in turn has a positive impact on our minds and the way we think.

Music does something to our minds when we listen to something we like.  It makes us want to hear more of it to feel good or to feel happy. When we see a picture or painting that connects with us, it has the same effect.  So what is “that thing” that makes us feel good inside?

That mild euphoria we experience is connected to our ability to generate chemicals capable of healing our own minds.  Therefore, if this knowledge and awareness is packaged into a programme that creates an environment where individuals can visit and have these experiences through visual and performing arts, wrapped in targeted but immersive sounds and music and without the need to think about anything for that moment, would this be a recipe for aiding holistic health and wellbeing?  Here at BCAG we like to think so.